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To use the service it is necessary to log in with you valid institutional credentials to AcademicCloud.


ShareLaTeX (Overleaf) is an installation of the typesetting system LaTeX on servers, useable through a modern browser without the need to install software locally. This follows the examples of services like Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365.


The academic cloud offers ShareLaTeX for all its users here.

Client Access

For this service is no client available.


You can create new documents and use templates or upload existing files to the service for the further layouting. The tool gives you the possibility to view the documents history and has a chat funcionality. A track changing support in rich text mode is a work in progress of the Overleaf developers.


To collaborate you can select users you want to share your document(s) with via the “Share” button. Type their the email adresses and confirm your the choice You can decide which rights other users shall have: “edit” or “read only”.

Collaboration with a user without a valid account is possible with the "Link-Sharing" function.


Preferences does not use banner ads. Nevertheless, it may happen that ad-blockers installed in the browser cause difficulties, e.g. the “Share” button disappears.

In rare cases, compiling larger Tex files results in an Internal Server Error. In this case, use the options: Compile-Mode: Fast [draft] and Syntax Checks: Do not check syntax

User manual(s)

You can read the official manual for ShareLaTeX (Overleaf) online.

There is also a large selection of templates available at which can be downloaded as a ZIP file and uploaded into our service with the Upload Project function to start a new project based on this template.

In many ways Overleaf is easier to use than a standard LaTeX installation on a PC. Nevertheless Overleaf is not a WYSIWYG editor like LyX and some basic knowledge of LaTeX is required to work with Overleaf. The tutorial at however is a great help and can be used directly with our service as well.


Q: Does the service offer git or dropbox integrations?

No, unfortunately the manufacturer reserves this for his cloud service:

Q: Is there a limit on the number of collaborators?

There is no limit upon the number of collaborators per project.

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